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Notification of information as per L.3556/2007
Αθήνα 30/7/2009

Notification of information as per L.3556/2007


According to the provisions of L.3556/2007 (articles 3 (xvi), (bb) and 21), in conjunction with article 11 of Decision 1/434/3.7.2007 of the Capital Markets Commission, FLOUR MILLS C. SARANTOPOULOS S.A. (herein referred to as «the company») reports, after relevant notification it received, that CLARIDEN LEU AG, as a member of CREDIT SUISSE GROUP, on April 8th , 2009 acquired 1.098.360 registered shares of the company.

CLARIDEN LEU AG owns 1.098.360 registered shares and therefore CREDIT SUISSE GROUP owns 1.098.360 indirect voting rights, representing 26,27% of the company’s share capital.